onsdag 13 februari 2008

Sun is shining!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I wrote.
I have been making a doll from a free patern from the blogg stich.
Very fun doll to make. It looks like a cartoon, so cute. My doll haven't got a face yet but She will soon. I have so many pics I have taken this few days when I haven't been posting I still take lots of pics and think I shuld post them but then I have to do something and I forget. Or lately I just sit and stare because the wether have been so depresing and I don't need much lately to fall. But I am reading a book by Mia Törnblom and it is great! I am doing all the things it says to do and feeling so much better, slowly but steady.

But to the pics: here they come and I will put them in small since they are so many, you can click them to see them bigger.

First is christmas beeing put away, I know it's late but it was not that much. So I got used to it, but no more! Here comes spring. First valentine then easter. And the sun is shining! boy do I get exited about that! It's been so grey the last week.

Second is another corner of my home. The corner where the Stressless chair is standing. it is mostly the dog that sleeps in the chair and we hardly ever sit there even though it is such a comfortable chair. But I have tried moving it around and we still don't use it. All our guests do though so it gets to stay. But in the corner beside it we have made a little instalation. It is a budda head from Mio that was flaking in the paint so Z got it real cheap. And then I spray painted it gold. the candles were bought for
haloween but haven' t run out yet. Once again the painting is from my grandmother.And the dog wants to be in on the fun to as I said it's mostly his chair.

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