torsdag 7 februari 2008

The bookshelf.

So the new bookcase is fotografed. I'm sorry about the terrible pictures but we honestly have no daylight in Sweden right now. The sun is upp like five houres all in all and that time the clouds have been so thick I haven't seen the sun for a week.

But the bookcase is fab. I love the dark wood in the bedroom, the old bookcase was white and I never thought it bothered me untill it was gone and the bedroom became so much calmer at once. Even with the horrible mess changing a bookcase in our tiny bedroom means. Our bedroom is not really a room it's 210cm x 270cm and our bed is 200cm x 160cm so basicly we have 2 squaremeters to furnish and move around in. I must say it works suprisingly well.

I just had to run and take some pics of the bedroom since the cloth that usually hangs between the bedroom and livingroom is taken down to be cut i half. So now you can see the entire bedroom from the livingroom. So how to comment my bedroom.... Well the "ceeling" is built by Z from bambu sticks and a painted bambu carpet, it's decorated with flowerlights from Ikea and matching flowerlights on the wall. The paintings are made by my late grandmother and they shall be moved when Z gets to borrow the powerdrill from his father.

The budda on the bedstand is from ÖB which is a sort of reject shop. I had a fantasic idea when Z just could not for his life put his necklaces away so I put them on the budda and now it looks stylish even though he leaves them there. The best sollution is always compromising, makes everybody happy. The big brass armring is full of change that he leaves on the bedstand.

I will continue to give you parts of my home as I clean it of because right now it's all a mess!

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