onsdag 6 februari 2008

My Favorite bloggs!

I will do this post in english so the owner of the bloggs I list can read it.

Ok, so I am puting upp a short list of my fav bloggs and I will give them a short presentation and then later as I add new blogs to the list you will get a presentation of them too. And there will be more.

But the first and most favorite are:

The Yvestown Blogg: A wonderfully creative woman called Yvonne who lives in the Netherlands. Her colors are such inspiration. She has a way of making her home look light, fun and warm all at once. And she is the one I turn to to try and not paint everything in crazy colors, a white base is best for the fun stuff.

Irish Sally Garden: Rebecca and Dan are living a sustainable lifestyle i Ireland and I just have to say, I want that! I don't get jealous a lot but this is just how I want to live my life. And the blog is very nice and honest, it tells of all the upps and downs and how some of the yucky stuff (like the compost lou) turns out to be rather pleasant or at least not so yucky. Rebecca is also a crafter and used to have a crafting blog but now her crafting turns up on this blog instead. I also recomend the links from her site to all the other people doing it too. It gives me such hope that so many can do it themselves. Now I have to convince Z to come live in the forest with me.

Be*mused: A very nice blog of a crafter. I like the fotos of her quilting projects and her natural way of including her everyday life in her blog but still have it be about crafting. It's one of those blogs that made me want to start a blog myself.

Middle of nowhere: Sweet woman called PG paints the most astounding pictures. And writes about things that happen in her life. Her pictures are childish but beautiful and somehow they have a distant sorrow that you feel more than see. I really love them and since I study art history I could go on forever but if you just go to her site you will see for yourself.

and last but not least:

ROOM & serve: A blogg about interior design and decorating by a Swedish woman named Helena. This blogg is always updated and the one blog that made me start to follow bloggs at all. It is full of beautiful pics and her home is such an inspiration. It's in Swedish but she has started to put translations at the bottom of her posts for all you english speakers.

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be*mused jan sa...

Thank you for your kind words!
It is nice to *meet you*...I'm happy you decided to leave a comment on my blog!